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About Applying to Our Lists

Great Place to Work® Institute conducts research and recognizes leading workplaces in more than 45 countries on six continents. Based on results of surveys representing over 10 million employees around the globe, these best companies' competitions form the basis of the world’s largest and most respected set of studies of workplace excellence, management and the role of trust in workplace culture.

Great Place to Work's methodology is rigorous and objective, setting a global standard for defining great workplaces for business, academia, the non-profit sector and government. Findings, in the form of Best Companies lists, are published annually in prestigious media outlets across the globe, from the Financial Times (UK) and Fortune (US, Korea) to Época (Brazil) and Business Day (Nigeria). For the companies that appear on these lists, this recognition represents the most definitive employer-of-choice and workplace quality recognition that any organization can receive.

results that help you transform

With this workplace culture insight, we help support you in your efforts to improve your workplace culture and set your business apart from your competitors. That’s why our Best Companies lists are much more than publicity and rankings. The reports and feedback they generate provide practical knowledge and tools to help you transform your workplace.

In addition to our gold-standard recognition and publicity, our competitions and best companies lists provide the raw material for reports that deliver:

  • Measurement and benchmarking
  • Access to thought leadership
  • Best people practice and knowledge sharing

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