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What is a Great Workplace?

"A great place to work is one in which you trust the people you work for, have pride in what you do, and enjoy the people you work with.” — Robert Levering, Co-Founder, Great Place to Work®

Your company can be a great workplace — and more successful as a result.

Business leaders — and researchers — rely on Great Place to Work® metrics to establish the standard that defines a great workplace. Great Place to Work’s annual research is based on data representing more than 10 million employees in 50 countries representing about 6,000 organizations of varying sizes, industries, maturity and structures.

What is a Great Workplace? The Employee View

Great workplaces are built through the day-to-day relationships that employees experience — not a checklist of programs and benefits.

The key factor in common in these relationships is TRUST. From the Employee’s perspective, a great workplace is one where they:

  • TRUST the people they work for;
  • Have PRIDE in what they do; and
  • ENJOY the people they work with.

Trust is the defining principle of great workplaces — created through management’s credibility, the respect with which employees feel they are treated, and the extent to which employees expect to be treated fairly. The degree of pride and levels of authentic connection and camaraderie employees feel with one are additional essential components.

What is a Great Workplace? The Manager View
Manager Model

From the Manager’s perspective, a great workplace is one where they:

  • With employees who GIVE THEIR PERSONAL BEST; and
  • WORK TOGETHER AS A TEAM / FAMILY in an environment of TRUST

There are nine ways – or practice areas – where leaders and managers create an environment of trust. Great workplaces achieve organizational goals by inspiring, speaking and listening. They have employees who give their personal best by thanking, developing and caring. And they work together as a team / family by hiring, celebrating and sharing.

This fundamental model, confirmed by Great Place to Work through over 25 years worth of analysis of employees’ own opinions, is universal and consistent year-over-year, country-to-country. It applies not only to all organizations but to companies with diverse employee demographics.

How Can Trust Be Measured?

We look at TRUST through two lenses. We assess the culture of the organization through answers provided on an employee survey, the Trust Index© survey, which is modeled on the five dimensions found in the employee view of a great workplace. And we look at the workplace through a Culture Audit©, organized by the nine practice areas in the management definition of a great workplace.

This survey precisely measures the behaviors and the environment that forms the underpinning of world’s most desirable workplaces and successful businesses.

Business leaders, academics and the media rely upon Great Place to Work metrics to establish an objective standard that defines a great workplace. These metrics – from the Trust Index and Culture Audit – form the basis of the methodology Great Place to Work uses to advise and train companies on how to transform themselves into great workplaces.