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Great Place to Work® assessment services are based on our global research of best workplace cultures and programs, providing organization leaders with objective data, benchmarks, and focused priorities to help them make powerful improvements in their workplace cultures and grow business performance.

Trust Index© Assessment: Measure and Benchmark Employees' Experience

Trust_ReportTrust Index© Assessments allow companies to understand the key drivers that create a great workplace. This employee survey-based service, used by more than 5,500 organizations each year, is core to the Great Place to Work method and provides the first step to help pinpoint necessary improvements. 

Workplace Culture Assessment: Understand the Impact of Programs & Benefits


In conjunction with a Trust Index employee survey, Workplace Assessments audit and identify gaps that exist between people management policies and practices, how employees experience those practices, and the effect they have on workplace culture.

Trust Audit© Focus Groups & Interviews: Gather Targeted Employee Data

InterviewThese tools provide intelligence that help organizations improve their workplace cultures through targeted employee conversations. The tools provide supplementary information that focus leaders’ follow-up actions. They are core to pinpointing strengths in employees' and organizational behaviors.


360 Management Trust Appraisal:  Improve Management Accountability

datashotThese holistic assessments evaluates the behavior of individual managers, including senior leaders, front line supervisors and department heads. They provide a systemic way to increase accountability and alignment across an organization based on the attributes that are most essential to the success of a great workplace.

For more information about any of these services and how they can be tailored to meet your organization's needs, we welcome you to contact us. 


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Best Companies List Programs provide powerful benchmarking data and national recognition for workplace culture achievements through our national and international best companies lists.

Global Account Management supports organizations that operate in multiple countries and wish to centralize their engagements with us and create consistent international employer branding.