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The Trustworthy Leader

A Fresh Perspective on Great Leaders

trustworthy-leader-mediumTrust is an increasingly scarce commodity in the business world, and now more than ever, leaders who develop high-trust relationships within their organizations outshine the competition. How does a leader's trustworthiness propel an organization to excellence?

Since cofounding the Great Place to Work® Institute in 1991, Amy Lyman has devoted her career to that very question.

Employees at great companies not only trust their leaders, they also value the trust their leaders bestow on them. In The Trustworthy Leader, Lyman draws on these twenty years of research and on extensive interviews to show how leaders actually build and maintain this foundation of trust in their workplaces.


The Virtuous Circle of the Trustworthy Leader

In the book, Lyman explains the typical path followed by Trustworthy Leaders: the Virtuous Circle. The Virtuous Circle has six distinct elements: honor, inclusion, engaging followers, sharing information, developing others, and moving through uncertainty. The stories of leaders from Best Companies — Baird, General Mills, REI, Mayo Clinic, Wegmans, and more — following this Virtuous Circle form the heart of the book.

The Trustworthy Leader is a key resource for all leaders who want to develop a high level of trust in their organizations.


“In a world with too many brands, too many fads, and too many exaggerated claims, trust is the one business resource in short supply. In this wise book, filled with well-told stories and compelling personal portraits, Amy Lyman shows what it takes for leaders to build trust at every level and how powerful an organization can become when trust becomes the tie that binds. You can't be special and compelling in the marketplace unless you create something special and compelling in the workplace. This must-read book shows you how to do just that.”

William C. Taylor; cofounder, Fast Company; author, Practically Radical

“Trust allows organizations to adapt and thrive in our rapidly changing world, yet many leaders who think they are worthy of trust end up not being trusted by their employees. In this well-researched book, Lyman articulates the leader’s path to becoming both trustworthy and trusted. Anyone who aspires to lead in the 21st century needs to read this book.”

— Jack Lowe, former CEO and current board chair, TDIndustries

“An engaging, inspiring, and thought-provoking picture of what it means to be a trustworthy leader and how we can all step onto the path of becoming one. Lyman moves back and forth between the actual narratives of a diverse set of leaders and her insightful reflections on what makes them tick to create a compelling primer for the leader in all of us.”

— Mary C. Gentile, Ph.D., author, Giving Voice to Values

“Amy Lyman shows that trust is not something that rare folks just happen to create. Instead, her stories of incredible corporate leaders show how their core commitments run deep and their practices build powerful trust which in turn generates consistently exceptional results. Lyman offers nothing short of a path to greatness.”

— Daniel Mulhern, Distinguished Practitioner of Business, Haas School of Business, University of California, Berkeley, co-author A Governor's Story